Ronnie Robins

"[Ronnie Robins's] debut CD yields some great, original bossa novas and sambas. [...] It's as if studying Brazilian music taught Robins how to write gorgeous pop tunes for American listeners."

calls Bossamba "...a charming CD, full of emotion and sensual warmth...And all [of the tracks] are lively, intimate, with bossa nova and samba rhythms. This is a very romantic, tender, exciting album."

"Breaking cultural barriers, the Brooklyn-born, Long Island-raised guitarist is mastering his own flavor while embracing spirited samba and sensual bossa nova grooves."

declared Ronnie's appearance "perfect music for the festival."

"[The music] was absolutely the perfect accompaniment to our [banquet]."

praises Ronnie's "spirit and music" as "an incredible gift."